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Make Your Own Scrunchies

Make Your Own Scrunchies main article image
Posted on April 7, 2021 by Samantha Cullen

It’s hard to deny that scrunchies have had a serious fashion resurgence of late. No longer are they relegated to the archives of the eighties and early nineties, where big hair and even bigger accessories were the order of the day. Our current fashion has (some may say thankfully!) left the high hair behind, but large, colorful, and flamboyant scrunchies have made a firm home in our wardrobes, hair, and of course on our wrists!

If you love crafting, then there is no need to spend big money equipping your wardrobe with these wonderful accessories. Add a few scraps of fabric you may already have lying around to this awesome pattern from Kate Miley and you’re set. The pattern is super simple and is suitable for even a beginner sewer. The instructions are very clear and well written and are accompanied by explanatory photos to avoid any confusion. I love that there are three different styles of scrunchies to choose from, with the basic instructions the same for each one. There are also a couple of different add-ons to give your scrunchies fun knots and tails.

I made each of the three designs: classic, extra-tall, and extra-fluffy. I used different fabrics for each one and I think that also influenced how they turned out. For the extra-fluffy I used a very delicate and slippery fabric, but had I used a more robust cotton I think it would have looked even fluffier. As with most sewing projects, if you are an inexperienced sewer, cotton is the easiest to work with. I have a big bag of fabric that I inherited from my husband’s grandmother which I always turn to for things like this. It’s full of fun and random fabrics which I love incorporating into my projects; I feel as though I’m bringing a little of the past into the present with each one.

What you will need for this project:

  • This pattern from Creative Fabrica
  • Printer
  • Fabric of your choice
  • Pins
  • Sharp fabric shears
  • Sewing machine
  • Elastic
  • Fabric glue (if you choose the professional finish)
  • An iron
  • Safety pins

How to make the scrunchies:

Step 1: Download the pattern and print out the pages you need for your scrunchie. The extra fluffy scrunchie has two parts; as do the optional tails. Once you have printed and cut these out you will need to tape the two parts together.


Step 2: Using a hard flat surface, fold your fabric in half and lay the pattern piece on top, lining the fold up where indicated. This means that your piece will be double the length or width after cutting. Pin your pieces through the paper onto the fabric. Cut around the edges.


Step 3: Unpin your pattern and open up the scrunchie pattern piece. Fold it in half lengthwise, right sides together. Sew down the length of your tube leaving about a 1cm/½ inch seam allowance. If you would like to use Kate’s professional finish to close your scrunchie, leave about 2.5cm, or 1 inch, at either end.

straight seam

Step 4: Attach a medium-sized safety pin to one end of your tube and push it through the middle to turn it right side out.

Step 5 (for a professional finish. For an alternative skip to step 6, then 8): Take the two ends of your tube, and with right sides together start stitching. This is quite fiddly, but produces a great finish! You may have to stop often, even lifting the presser foot to help you move the fabric around as you sew. If you do lift the foot up, make sure the needle is down so that you don’t lose your place!

Step 6: Measure your elastic. To get an idea wrap it around your wrist and then add about 2.5cm/1 inch to allow for sewing the ends together. Take a small safety pin and attach the elastic to one end of the tube. This stops you from losing the end as you pull it through. Attach your medium safety pin to the other end and use it to push the elastic all the way through the tube. Lay one end of the elastic on top of the other and sew an “x” over the top, backstitching various times.

Step 7: You now have a small opening in the seam. To close it you can either topstitch it or use fabric glue for a truly invisible finish!


Step 8 (an easy option to finish): Tuck one end of the scrunchie tube into the other, and fold the raw edge of the outer tube inside itself. Topstitch it closed.

Optional extras:

These patterns also come with some different tails you can add to your scrunchies to give them a little something extra. I chose to make the bunny ear tails and add them to the classic scrunchie. The best part of these extras is that they are completely separate from the original pattern and are easily tied on for a beautiful finish.

bunny tail

As much as I love the fashion aspect of these accessories, I think what truly won me over is how gentle they are on my hair! They don’t pull at all and I find that I don’t even get that telltale line that shows I’ve had a ponytail in all day. I’m no hairdresser, but I’m sure that’s got to be better for your hair too!

Here’s a top tip for mums: If you are making these for your daughters (older than a toddler), then make them to your own wrist measurements. That way you can always have one on hand for those essential moments.

So what will be your choice? Do you prefer the sky-high showstopper? Or is an extra-fluffy scrunchie more your style? Or maybe you’re like me and need to have at least one of each! Whichever you choose, this is a wonderfully satisfying project which I highly recommend!

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6X Added to favorites

WendyB Crafter

April 13, 2021

Oh I just love the bunny ears scrunchie!


April 10, 2021

Wow, I can create AND sell scrunchies using my fave cloth!

Samantha Cullen's profile picture
Samantha Cullen

April 11, 2021


You sure can! These are so popular right now!

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