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What is Adobe Fresco and Why You Need to Try It

What is Adobe Fresco and Why You Need to Try It main article image
Posted on November 28, 2022 by Lyndsey Drooby

Adobe Fresco was released in 2019 as a paint and draw app program. At the beginning of 2022, Adobe shuttered Sketch and Draw and the features were essentially poured into Fresco as a multi-purpose source for drawing, painting and creating. Fresco has fast become the go-to app for artists to bring their ideas to fruition.

The app is currently built for the latest stylus and touch-screen devices, which includes the ability of the work to be done on iPhones. Adobe Fresco boasts a large collection of vector and raster brushes, live brushes that are so perfectly simulated to deliver a natural painting experience.

Let’s dive into more about Adobe Fresco and why you should add it to your set of artist tools.

What Can I Do With Adobe Fresco?

Adobe Fresco is a digital drawing, painting and graphics editor app, developed by the imaging and graphics go-to company, Adobe, Inc. This app uses vector and raster technology and comes with a collection of live brushes. The live brushes mimic the look and feel of brush pressure, ease of color spreading and medium you are working on.

Fresco was first designed to be used on Apple’s iPad, and is now available to be used on iPhones, Microsoft Surface Pro Devices and the Creative Cloud Desktop for Windows. Unfortunately, the app is not available for any Android devices.

Adobe Fresco is currently a free app, giving access to most of the features. Of course, going premium through paid options and subscriptions will open more features as well as creating your own tail-made bundle to use this and other Adobe programs through a Creative Cloud plan. More about Creative Cloud is later in this article.

The Look and Feel of Fresco

When you open the app, there is a Homepage with the Start a New Document option at the middle of the screen that shows other choices for different screen sizes. This is a very similar setup like Illustrator.

For a first-timer, there are the choices to Learn and Discover on the left sidebar. Basically, if you’ve gone through the motions of opening an Adobe program for the first-time, you’ll be greeted by these pop-up messages to help you navigate the app with immediate success.

What is really amazing with this app is that you can enable the function How Do You Create to live stream and share your work.

Getting Started with Fresco

Going head-first into Adobe Fresco is easy and user-friendly enough for a beginner to dive right in. The basics can be mastered in no time and before you know it, you’re creating beautiful works of art.

There is a Learn feature on the app that will take you through to understand all of the actions you can take with creating your art. A quick tour will cover the overview, how to use brushes, add layers and some handy shortcuts for work convenience.

If you do want to expand your knowledge of navigating Fresco, there are additional tutorials you can find under Learn. Video lessons are available when you need a quick understanding of a particular function.

The Discover feature of Fresco shows you what other artists are working on. You can watch them work live via “Watch artists live on Adobe Fresco” or scroll through “The latest projects created in Adobe Fresco”. There are many sources of inspiration if you go down these avenues. Like a social network, you can also follow artists and see their work as they post more.

Fresco’s Files

Files is divided into three sections. Your files is where your creations are stored. Share with you is where you can access the content shared by another creator or yourself. Finally, Deleted is where you will find your discarded work. You can give it a final look if you decide to retry an old project.

What Are the Artistic Features of Fresco?

The main appeal when it comes to Fresco is that you can draw or paint with a variety of brushes. It wouldn’t be an Adobe program without the collection of brushes typically seen with other programs. You can still change the size, pick different styles and work with various elements. You can import your own brushes as well. The big difference here with this app is that these brushes use vector and raster technology.

More artistic features include adding layers, images and text. Layering, as well known from Photoshop or Illustrator is to separate the elements of the design. You are able to work on one layer without manipulating the original image. You can add artwork that already exists to the working project and use it as a guideline for drawing or incorporate it into the new work. Another huge feature is you can add text without jumping from program to program.

Here are a couple videos that serve as a great visual source of checking out Fresco and how to get a grasp on painting.

Adobe Fresco for Beginners

Adobe Fresco Review & Quick Sketch Tutorial

Saving and Sharing Work

All work created on Fresco can be saved as .png, .jpg, .pdf, and .psd files. Art created can also be published globally on Behance. In regards to saving, Fresco has a great memory feature that automatically records the brush strokes for those who enjoy sharing the artistic process by posting time-lapse videos.

Connecting with the Creative Cloud

Adobe’s Creative Cloud is a subscription-based package deal that offers access to all of Adobe’s programs and apps. Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator and InDesign are among the large catalogue of Adobe programs.

The Creative Cloud allows you to synch files and assets to other devices, making things quite convenient when toggling between different apps or viewing work on a computer and going to a tablet or a mobile phone.

A Final Word

As mentioned, Adobe Fresco is easy to get a start on and with all of the functions and added features; you can build up a following and showcase your art in so many ways. It is definitely worth a try to expand your artistic skills in an intuitive platform while building an audience.

What do you think? Have you or will you give Fresco a try?

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