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Make a Mug with Cricut’s New Mug Press

Make a Mug with Cricut’s New Mug Press main article image
Posted on April 8, 2021 by Wendy Boulay

On March 11th, Cricut released its latest machine – the Mug Press! And I have to say, I am over the moon in love with this new tool. Using both the infusible ink sheets and/or markers results in a vibrant, flawless transfer that gives a professional finish to your mugs – not to mention dishwasher and microwave safe! Each and every press that I have done thus far has resulted in a gift-worthy mug that can be personalized for any occasion!

Supplies Needed

  • Blank Cricut 12 oz mug (or sublimation mug)
  • Infusible ink transfer sheets
  • Digital Product: Mom Quotes Bundle
  • Weeding tools
  • Lint roller
  • Heat-resistant tape (optional, but good to have on hand)
  • Cricut cutting machine (or another)
  • Cricut Mug Press

Let’s Make Your Mug

Getting Started

Before you open up Design Space, the first thing you will need to do is download and extract the Mom Quotes Bundle from over at Creative Fabrica. This bundle has some great quotes in SVG format that are perfect for so many occasions, and they cut nicely on the Cricut! You can use any SVG within the bundle, but for this mug, I used the “Coffee First, Mom Later” quote.

Once you have the bundle extracted, go ahead and open up Design Space. 

Cricut has created some fabulous templates for both sizes of their mugs, making the application of the infusible ink extremely simple. From the projects library, search for and select the “Mug Design Setup”. Since today, we are creating a full wrap, you can choose from straight, ripped, scallop, wavy, or zigzag edges. I used the straight edge for the 12 oz mug for this project.

Next, select customize.

Mug Template 

Immediately you will see the mug template appear on your canvas. There are three components to this template; the wrap, the mask, and the guide.

  • The Mask Wrap: This layer is the black outline around the entire template, and it represents the sticky transfer tape that the Cricut cuts out. It’s designed to wrap fully around the mug; top to bottom. It has a semi-circle cutout that you can line up between the handle to help ensure perfect alignment. 
  • The Wrap: This layer is composed of the infusible ink and your designs within it. This is the actual layer that will be pressed onto your mug, creating the final mug design. All of your images and fonts will be placed within this section.
  • The Guide: this red guide at the top of the template helps you with placement for the designs. It clearly shows the sides and middle of the mug so that you can decide where exactly you want your designs to be displayed. This layer must be hidden before you send everything to cut.

Now that you have a better understanding of the template, let’s make your new mug!

Mug Design

The design for this mug couldn’t be more simple as the SVG is perfect as is! All that is needed is to simply upload and resize.

Go right ahead and upload the quote SVG of your choosing and then resize it accordingly on the wrap section of the template. This is where the red guide comes in very handy. Use it to determine where you want the quote to be placed on your mug. Then duplicate it if you want to add the same design to the other side of the mug. This is optional of course, feel free to have a single design!

Cut and Weed

Once you have your mug design created the way you want it, hide the red guide, select all, and attach. Now you can click on that Make It button!

  • This is very important… Do Not Forget To Mirror! I admit… I have done this far too many times in my “Cricuting career” and once I even pressed a mug without mirroring! Such a waste of infusible ink and a mug! Maybe my next project should be a “Don’t forget to mirror sign”! 

Choose “Infusible Ink Transfer Sheet” as the material and place your sheet shiny side down as shown on the mat display. While the machine is cutting, you can warm up the mug press.

When the cut has finished, carefully remove the sheet off of the mat and slightly bend it to make weeding easier. Carry on with weeding the entire design, making sure that no tiny pieces fall onto the mask section. Truthfully, the tiny sections of the heart were far too difficult to weed given how small I made the design, so I just removed the whole heart.

Use the lint roller on your mug to remove any dust particles that could interfere with the transfer, and then apply your design. Line up the semi-circles in between the handle of the mug to form a complete circle. If needed, you can use some heat-resistant tape on the edges only to make sure that everything is as smooth as can be. 


When the mug press has signaled that it is ready, place your mug into the press at a slight angle. I find that doing this helps to ensure that the sides of the press don’t catch the transfer mask as you are putting it in.

Slightly turn the handle to the left and as you push down on the lever, ensuring that the transfer sheet on both sides of the handle is completely inside the press – adjust the mug as needed by the handle. Do not put your hands inside the press!

Press all the way down on the lever and wait for the transfer process to complete!


Once the mug press signals that the transfer is done, lift up the lever. Very carefully remove the mug by the handle – avoiding toughing any other part of the mug because it is extremely hot! Heat-resistant gloves might be a good idea here.

Move the mug to a heat-resistant surface, or you can just place it on your Cricut EasyPress mat, and allow it to cool for about 20 – 30 minutes. After this time, it should be cool enough to touch, so you can go ahead and remove any tape that you may have used, as well as the transfer mask and sheet. 

Voilà! You have a gorgeous new mug that is ready to impress.

These mugs make a fantastic gift for any occasion, and Cricut’s larger 15 oz mugs even come with a gift box that you can decorate and/or personalize!

Keep on crafting and have fun with your new mug press!

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Make a Mug with Cricut’s New Mug Press

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