Sublimation: Christmas Tree Ornaments

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Posted on November 8, 2021 by Wendy Boulay

That’s right crafters, November is here and it’s bringing in the holiday crafting sessions!

One of the easiest (and very eye-catching) sublimation projects are these round tree ornaments. Not only are they a fantastic project for beginners, but they’ll stand out beautifully on your Christmas tree for all to see!

Sublimation: Christmas Tree Ornaments 

  • Supplies
  • Digital Products
  • Cricut Design Space
    • Template
    • Print then Cut
  • Cricut EasyPress
    • Prepare your blanks
    • Sublimate!
  • Finishing

Supplies Needed

  • Sublimation printer (I converted the Epson Eco-Tank 2720)
  • Sublimation paper (I used A-Sub)
  • Digital products: Christmas Round Ornaments Bundle Vol. 2
  • 2.83” Sublimation ready blank ornament rounds (I used 6 of these)
  • Heat-resistant tape
  • Butcher or parchment paper
  • Lint roller
  • Cricut EasyPress & Mat
  • Ribbon or string (for hanging)

Digital Products

Christmas Round Ornaments Designs

I absolutely love the Christmas Round Ornaments Bundle from over at Creative Fabrica. Not only are the included quotes fitting for the holidays, but the simplicity of the colors combined with the gorgeous font work so well together to create a design that really pops against the greenery of your tree!

After you have downloaded the file to your computer, extract it, and then open up Cricut Design Space.

Cricut Design Space


Once you have a new canvas ready in Design Space, click on the Upload button on the left-hand menu (desktop) and decide which quotes you would like for your ornaments. As I had six blanks, I chose six different quotes. If you have more or less blanks, feel free to make as many that will accommodate the supplies you have on hand. Once you have chosen your favorite quotes, upload and insert them into your canvas.

  • 👉 Design Tip: I recommend choosing the SVG versions for this bundle. When I tried using the PNG versions I did notice a slight blur to the files. 

With all of your designs now on the canvas, resize them to a more workable size for your screen and move them to the side. Next, insert a circle from the Shapes Library and change the dimensions to the same size that your blank is. 

Duplicate it for as many ornaments that you are making and change the color to white (or a color that closely resembles your blank). This will help to give you a better idea of the finished look of your ornaments.

circles and christmas quotes

You now have your templates!

Print then Cut

Next, simply resize each design to fit each of the templates the way you like.

christmas quotes on circle shapes

If you are using a white template as I did (or adding in a printable colored background), and you are happy with the finished look, select both the quote and template, then flatten them. However, if you are using a different colored blank & template, change the color to white so that the color of the template does not print (again, printers do not print white). Then select the quote and circle and flatten.

flattened ornament designs

You are now ready to print your designs! 

Click on that “Make It” button to bring you to the Mat Preparation screen. After ensuring your design is mirrored, click “Continue”, then “Send to Printer”.

mirror design space

  • 🔔 Important! For sublimation, you MUST remember to MIRROR your design, especially when there is text on it! Otherwise, all of your texts will be sublimated backward and nobody wants a ruined blank!

When the print setup screen pops up, make sure that the system dialog button is active and the bleed is turned off. Also, be sure you choose your sublimation printer! There is nothing worse than forgetting to choose the right printer and wasting expensive ink!

design space print setup

You will also want to make sure that you select the correct printer settings for your type of sublimation paper/printer. This is extremely important so that you get the absolute best results on your printout! If you discover that your printout contains a bunch of white dots or lines, this is probably a sign that your prints heads need cleaning or alignment.

After it’s printed, allow the ink to fully dry, then grab your light grip mat and line up the printout as it appears on the digital mat in Design Space. For the material selection screen, choose the appropriate setting for your paper type – I find using the light cardstock works great for A-Sub paper.

Cricut EasyPress

Prepare your blank

Even though the ornaments are small, you still want to use a lint roller to remove any dust particles that could interfere with the transfer. Next, center the printout on your ornament blank as evenly as you can. Use small pieces of heat-resistant tape on the white edges to make sure that everything is as smooth as can be, and that nothing moves while you are pressing. This really helps to prevent any possible “ghosting”. Try to be careful not to cover the ink with the tape as this could interfere with the color transfer as well.

sublimation blank with tape

To protect your mat, cover it with a sheet of butcher/parchment paper, then place the blank with the taped design on top of it. Add two layers of parchment or butcher paper over the blank so that your EasyPress is protected as well from any blowout.

Get ready to press!


Turn on the EasyPress and preheat the machine to the appropriate temperature and time settings suitable for your blank and sublimation paper. The recommended temperature is 392 degrees F for my blanks, and the time setting is 45-60 seconds. Press using medium to firm pressure and when the machine signals that the transfer is complete, set the EasyPress back into its cradle. Wait a few minutes for the ornament to cool and remove all of the papers – be careful – it’s extremely hot and can easily burn you so be sure it is cool to the touch!

sublimated ornament

Voila! Now just repeat for the remaining ornaments. If your press is large enough, you can try doing more than one at a time – however, doing so could create uneven pressure and result in some ghosting so I highly recommend doing one at a time.


Once all of your ornaments are done and cooled, add on a little ribbon or string. You now have a gorgeous set of new tree ornaments! 🎄✨

Keep on Crafting! 💖

tree ornaments on cricut mat

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Julie Richards

November 30, 2021

This article is great. You explain everything in such great detail! love it!!

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Wendy Boulay

November 30, 2021


Thank you so much! I am glad you like it!

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