Sublimation: Matching Family Pajamas

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Posted on December 20, 2021 by Wendy Boulay


Matching family pajamas are one of the things that my daughter and I love to do…but most especially around the holidays. 

Truth be told, however, we often find a set that is either adorable but uncomfortable – or comfortable but boring! So this year I felt it was high time to take the matter into my own hands and make our own! 

I purchased our pajama bottoms from Ardene and combined them with some Cricut Raglans; now we are definitely headed for cozy city!

Sublimation: Matching Family Pajamas

  • Supplies
  • Digital Products
  • Photoshop
    • Creating The Design
      • Upload and Size
      • Adding Additional Clipart
    • Printing
  • Cricut EasyPress 2
  • Prepare Your Shirt
  • Pressing

Supplies Needed

  • Sublimation Printer (I converted the Epson Eco-Tank 2720)
  • Photoshop
  • Digital products: Let’s Get Cozy Print; Reindeer Face; Christmas Cookie
  • Cricut raglan shirts (and optional pajama bottoms)
  • Heat-resistant tape
  • Butcher or parchment paper
  • Cardstock
  • Lint roller
  • Cricut EasyPress 2
  • Sublimation paper (I used A-Sub)
  • T-shirt guide (optional)

Digital Products

Head on over to Creative Fabrica and grab the Let’s Get Cozy Print. I absolutely love buffalo plaid; it always seems to add an air of warmth to any project! This pattern, combined with the text “Let’s Get Cozy”, creates the perfect winter pajama top!

let's get cozy graphic

If you like, you can also download the Reindeer Face and the Christmas Cookie graphics. Because we are making a matching set of pajamas for the holidays, adding in these little graphics will really help to “Christmas” it up. This is completely optional, but they are free products…so why not? 😉


Creating the Design: Upload and Size

Now that you already have your new products downloaded and extracted, open up Photoshop.

First, you will want to create your canvas in the same size sublimation paper that you will be using for your printout. To do this, click on File>New, then enter the width and height of your desired canvas size. Make sure to switch from pixels to inches and change the resolution to 300 pixels per inch. I am using 8.5” 11” A-Sub paper  – so I made my canvas this size.

photoshop canvas settings

Click on the Create button and voila! You have a canvas that is now the same size as your paper!

At this point, you can go ahead and open the “Let’s Get Cozy” graphic, then, once it is open choose Select All, Copy, then Paste it on your sized canvas. Resize it to fit nicely on the “sheet” – not too close to the borders.

let's get cozy graphic in photoshop

If you wish, you can stop here and skip over to the printing section, or read on to add in some extras!

Adding Additional Clipart

To add in the adorable little “extra” graphics, repeat the same process: File>Open, then Select All, Copy, Paste. Size and arrange them in any manner that you like best, or you can use the same placements as I did!

For the Reindeer face, I did find that the antlers were a little too far apart to fit nicely within the “O” of “Cozy”, so to rectify this you can use the Lasso and Move tool. On the opened file, select the Lasso tool and create a selection around one of the antlers. Switch over to the Move tool and simply move the antler over a little bit. Repeat for the other one and done!

lasso and move in photoshop

When you are happy with how your new design looks, it’s time to print!

let's get cozy design with clipart


Because my daughter is an older child, I can just print off two copies of the graphic, however, if you are making some pajamas for a baby or toddler, you may need to resize the graphic before you print off the design for their shirts.

Use your usual techniques for printing sublimations – ensuring you have the correct paper and ink settings for your materials. Don’t forget to select mirror in the printer settings dialogue! Alternatively, you can mirror directly in Photoshop by selecting Image>Image Rotation>Flip Canvas Horizontal.

  • 🔔 Important! When printing a sublimation design for shirts, you MUST remember to MIRROR your design, especially when there is text on it! Otherwise, all of your words will be sublimated backward and nobody likes wasting a perfectly good blank!

Print as many copies as needed!

  • 👉 Warning! You may get a warning message pop up when you send it to print stating that the program may need to clip. You should have no issues with this as long as your design is not too close to the edges.

Once it’s printed, allow the ink to fully dry on all copies.

Cricut EasyPress 2

Prepare your shirts

To begin the preparation for pressing the design onto the shirts, first, get out your lint roller and use it to remove any particles/oils that could interfere with the transfer onto your raglan shirt. 

Next, begin heating up your EasyPress 2 to 395-400 degrees – setting the timer to 40 seconds. When the machine reaches temperature, pre-press your shirt to remove any excess moisture, this will help in achieving the most vibrant transfer.

t-shirt alignment guide

Center the printout, as evenly as you can, roughly 3-4 inches down from the neckline. I like to use a t-shirt guide that I purchased off of Amazon – I highly recommend adding one to your crafting toolbox!


If you need to, use a few small pieces of heat-resistant tape to secure the paper to the shirt so that the printout doesn’t move around too much. Just be careful not to cover any of the ink with the tape – this could interfere with the transfer.

Place a piece of cardstock inside the shirt, making sure that it is large enough to cover all of the ink on the printout – then, cover the design with two layers of parchment or butcher paper to protect your EasyPress from any ink blowout. Now you’re ready to press!

sublimation paper sandwich

Apply even, medium to firm pressure, and click on the start button. When the EasyPress signals that the timer is finished, place the press back onto the dock and wait a few minutes until it is cool enough to touch, then remove all of the papers, tape, and cardstock.

sublimated design

Repeat the entire pressing process for as many shirts as you are making.

Voila! That’s all there is to it!

Now go snuggle up on the couch with your family, and don’t forget the hot cocoa! ☕

Happy Holidays and keep on crafting!  🎄🎁✨💖

let's get cozy sublimated pajamas

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Sublimation: Matching Family Pajamas

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