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How to Create Your Own Wedding Sign

How to Create Your Own Wedding Sign main article image
Posted on January 31, 2020 by Valentina Fabris from Creative Fabrica

Wedding signs play a crucial role in any wedding ceremonies. Not only do they help welcome and guide your guests in the venue, but they also add a personal touch to your reception or ceremony. Luckily, creating a beautiful and fun sign for your wedding does not have to be complicated.

Our fabulous friend and clever crafter – Ashley C, was kind enough to share how to make your own simple yet beautiful wedding sign without breaking the bank!

How to Make a Sign with Your Vinyl Cutting Machine!

This guide utilized the Cricut Air 2, however any of the vinyl cutting machines will work.

The materials you need:

  • Cutting machine
  • Vinyl (Ashley used permanent vinyl – both the Cricut brand and The Paper Studio Brand from Hobby Lobby)
  • Transfer paper 
  • Weeding tools 
  • Something to put your vinyl on (Ashley used Chalkboards from Target)
  • Sticky Mats 
  • Designs or fonts

Once you gather all of your materials, there are two ways to create a sign: Option One, you can purchase a pre-made SVG from our site. Option Two, you can make your own. Ashley opted to make her own – Also fine!

For the wording, Ashley added the wording into Design Space. After, she changed the fonts to fonts that she liked. Most of her signs made use of the fonts “Yessy”, “Watermelon Script”, “Winter Calligraphy” and “Angeline”. 

If you are using cursive fonts, as most of the above are, and you want to connect the letters – you would do the following:

  • Change letter spacing to 0.6 (that’s her ‘go-to’ letter spacing for cursive).

screen grab change letter spacing on design space

  • Ungroup the letters.

screen grab ungroup letters on design space

  • Individually move each letter to connect with the letter before.

screen grab connect letters

  • Once you have it connected, group the letters.

screen grab group letters on design space

  • Then weld the word. This ensures it doesn’t look a bit weird after it has been cut.

screen grab weld design space

If your sign has just wording, then after you design and size (make sure that you size your design to the correct size of whatever it is going on), then cut the design. You don’t have to “mirror the image” unless it is going on the inside of a glass picture frame or window.

If you want to add pictures or flourishing onto your sign, you can either purchase the SVG files or you can find an outline of what you want on google images. The easiest option she found was to purchase, however if you are truly DIY-ing, you can definitely do the second option as Ashley did by following these steps:

  • Find the outline (preferably black and white) of what picture you are wanting. 
  • Download it as a picture.
  • Upload it to Design Space.
  • And Edit it using Complex. 

screen grab upload complex design space

  • Transform all the background from white to the transparent (pixelated) background by using the ‘Select & erase’ option.

screen grab select and erase background

  • After you erase the white background, make sure that you preview the design before continuing. If it looks fine, continue. If it doesn’t show as a straight cut and has jagged edges, you still need to clean it up more or attempt to locate a different picture.

screen grab preview design

  • Once finished editing, click continue. You will need to make sure to save as cut, not a drawing. 
  • Add this into your design and size to your needs.

After cutting your design, then comes weeding. This can take some time, depending on how detailed your design is. Some people use a BrightPad or Tracing Light Box, Ashley just propped her phone on something higher up to see the intricate details. 

After weeding, adhere the creation to your transfer paper and transfer your design to your boards. After the transfer, you’re done! 

wedding signs with wooden frame

wedding signs quotes with wooden frames

We hope that these steps helped you! Enjoy your sign making!

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How to Create Your Own Wedding Sign

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