How to Make a Bridal Party Photo Frame

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Posted on March 19, 2021 by Zeldi Smulders

Someone is getting married and everyone is going to gather to celebrate the bride-to-be! So, you know there’s going to be a lot of photos taken. A lot.

Take the opportunity to capture the memories in style by making your own bridal party photo frame for the occasion.

Planning and preparing

Select your font

This project makes use of the Vintage Floral Alphabet. You can find more fonts to use on Creative Fabrica’s fonts page.

Select your graphics

This project makes use of the Vintage Floral Moon ClipartYou can find more graphics to use on Creative Fabrica’s graphics page.

Insert and adjust

The vintage floral look works perfectly for a bridal theme as it is so classic and elegant. This type of design also opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to decorating the board. This project only contains some of the elements available but there are many more to choose from!

Place your designs where you would like them to be on the frame, using an editing program. You can insert the bride’s name, the date of the bridal party, something about the theme of the party, or even just a cute message. Position the words and graphics so that they are to your liking. Remember to make it big enough to see from a distance!

The grey block on the image below represents the hole that will be cut out later. It is useful to add this while you are planning so that you can visualize what the board will look like and see if your word and graphics fit within the allocated space. Just remember to remove the block before you save the file that will be printed.

What’s next?

Printing the design

Print your design on an A1 size (59.4 cm x 84.1 cm) paper. Be aware that printing in full color will cost a bit extra if you go to a print shop. Instead of printing everything on one paper, you can print every word or graphical element separately.

Choosing a board

Buy a polystyrene board or any other suitable board you can use as a frame, such as thick cardboard or foam board. Take note that it shouldn’t be too heavy, yet it should be sturdy enough to survive a whole day of ladies passing the frame around with great enthusiasm, waiting to get their picture taken with the bride-to-be.

Cutting the board

Cut the board the same size as the printed page or the photo frame design you made. Next, measure the size of the hole in the middle and mark the areas you need to cut out. For this project, you can draw a square that is 10 cm away from every side of the board. This will accommodate about 2-3 people using the frame at a time.

Using a sharp knife or cutting tool, cut along the lines you have marked out. Be careful as polystyrene can break easily. However, if you use controlled movements and avoid working on thinner flimsy parts, you should be fine.

Add a little extra

After you have attached the printed design to the board you can consider adding some extra decorations. This can give the photo frame a 3D effect or a handmade look. You can even use real flowers, leaves, sticks, or pine cones.

Learn how to make simple paper roses that you can put on this project:

As Easy as One, Two Three

For this paper rose tutorial, you just need to remember the number three. You’ll see why.

  1. Start by cutting out three squares from the paper of your choice.

For the small roses, you can cut out 8 x 8 cm squares.
For the medium-sized roses, you can cut out 10 x 10 cm squares.
For the big rose, you can cut out 12 x 12 cm squares.

Take note: The smaller the rose, the harder it gets to fold thicker paper. Use thin paper that folds easily!

2. Fold the square from corner to corner, to make a triangle. Repeat this process three times, each time making a triangle by folding the piece in half. Do this for all three squares.

3. Draw a half-circle or crescent to make a petal shape. The open sides of the triangle should be on the top and the left side. Do this for all three triangles.

4. Cut out along the lines you drew. Do this for all three triangles. You can use your first petal shape as a template or a guide for the other two triangles to make sure they are all the same size. 

5. Cut a small bit off the bottom of all three petal shapes. 

6. Fold the flowers open.

7. Using a flat object like a bone folder, curl each petal of the flower so that it curls outwards. Do this for all three flowers.

8. Take your first flower and cut one petal from it. Put it aside to use later.

9. Take your second flower and cut two petals from it. Keep the two petals attached to each other. Put it aside to use later.

10. Take your third flower and cut three petals from it. Keep the three petals attached to each other. Put it aside to use later.

11. Start with the three largest pieces. Take each piece and glue the two petals on the ends so that they overlap each other completely. 

12. Move on to the three smallest pieces. Take each piece and glue the two edges together so that they overlap each other slightly but not completely as the petals did in the previous step. 

See the pattern? 

13. Starting with the largest piece first, place a little bit of glue in the center of the piece and insert the second largest piece into the space available. Continue doing this with the rest of the pieces. Every smaller piece will go inside a bigger piece.

The end result is a beautiful simple rose. For this project, you can make two pink roses (one small and one big), two white roses (one small and one medium), and one blue rose (medium-sized). Add some shading to your flowers to match the design by making use of ink pads and adding some color to the edges and the inner parts of the petals.

(Q-)Tip: You can use a cotton earbud to add some shading to the hard-to-reach places.

You can place the roses over the graphic design to make it look like the roses are coming out of the design, or you can place them on a different area like the top corners of the board.

You can leave the board as is or you can finish off your project by adding some glitter, or leaves that match the shape of the ones in the design. Feel free to add more flowers!

Do you have a different type of bridal party in mind? You can make this photo frame your own by deciding on a theme and choosing your fonts, graphics, and decorations according to that. What about some handbags, lipsticks, and high heels for a night out, or pajamas, popcorn, and slippers for a sleepover? Maybe you still prefer a simple and elegant floral theme like this one. Search for these ideas on Creative Fabrica and you will be well on your way to starting your next project!

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Martina Viviers

March 20, 2021

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