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Halloween decoration – Craft a Frankenstein door

Crafting tips for the scariest season of the year!

The scariest season of the year is approaching! Halloween is truly one of our favorite times to craft, as it offers so many fun opportunities to be creative! Besides the candy, and the costumes, crafters are experts at decorating their houses during Halloween. In case you are looking for some inspiration for how to decorate your house this Halloween, read on – you’ve come to the right place!
We asked crafters Kevin and Colleen from EnHanced Memories to share how they created this seriously scary Halloween decoration: the Frankenstein door!

Frankenstein Door – Halloween Craft

Supplies needed:

  • Wooden door
  • Frankenstein design
  • Christmas Green acrylic paint
  • Wood Stain Marker
  • Wiggly eyes
  • Kitchen Cabinet Knobs unfinished wood
  • Wood shims
  • AP LAZER 40W laser with open bottom
To give some background on how this design idea came to life,  my wife and I were shopping for unfinished wood when we saw these doors from Hobby Lobby, and immediately thought that we could create a Christmas craft with it. But once I found the wiggly eyes, I came up with an idea for how I could use the door to create a Halloween Craft, and I thought of Frankenstein.
I started by painting the door with the green Christmas acrylic paint, which screamed Frankenstein.
After that I had to find the face I wanted and by the power of google I found this one (see a similar Frankenstein design). I entered it into my laser software and I put masking tape over the door and created a template with my laser. You can also create this template using a cutting machine, like Cricut or Silhouette.
Next, I used the an ebony wood stain marker and took the tape off the mask for Frank’s hair and just colored it in with that. You can also use black acrylic paint. The scar on the forehead is actually lasered onto the wood, it went slow so it created a dark line. I filled in the face with the wood stain marker.
After taking off the masking tape, I added the wiggly eyes which had stickers on the back, but I added some hot glue.
At this point I spray-painted the cabinet knobs gray and used wood shims behind the door to even it out before gluing the knobs on as Frank’s bolts on his neck.
It was really a short process; the hardest part was figuring out how I could get that face onto the wood. I loved the face and found others that would have been easier.
My wife and I did our first craft show with this design, and Frank did his part by bringing people over. It was truly fun to make this design, and we also created a Christmas decorating using another door with the text ‘Let is snow’.
Happy Crafting & Happy Halloween!

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