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Make a Festive Wall Hanging with Wood and a Baluster

Make a Festive Wall Hanging with Wood and a Baluster main article image
Posted on October 24, 2021 by Jennifer Carroll

l don’t know about y’all, but this is the time of year that my creativity hits overdrive. We’re in the middle of the show season and the holidays are coming! I am busy making projects to sell and while I’m at it, I always like to make a few things for my own holiday décor.

This is one of those projects I pinned a few months ago when I was looking for ideas to use all my balusters. And why do I have so many balusters? I’ve mentioned that I spend the summer months stocking up my workshop with things that I use to create with during the coming year. This summer I found my project pieces by searching the Facebook marketplace. If you haven’t tried this and you’re looking for items to upcycle, I highly recommend it. Just type “free wood” in the search bar. You’ll be surprised what comes up. Summertime is generally the season when people replace fences and make improvements to their outdoor living space. Instead of waiting for waste management to remove the pile on the curb, or to avoid a trip to the dump, many people will post a curb alert. This is a great way to keep items from ending up in a landfill. Fencing makes perfect pieces for spindle boxes and the scraps are perfect for today’s project. A lady on Facebook had listed these balusters for $20 after a homeowner renovated their front porch.

Like I said this is a project I had on the back burner and one of my favorite YouTubers included it in a recent video, so I decided it was finally time to tackle it.


You’ll need a few things you might not have on hand to complete this project. Your favorite home improvement store carries wood balusters, and you can pick one up for just a couple of dollars. I had scraps of wood that I’m using. If you need to buy wood for this project, I used 1”x4” boards. I find them in the 70% off bin at Home Depot every week. You’ll need a few inches of chain links, some eye hooks, and paint or stain.


My baluster was a little dirty because they lived outside for a long time. I cleaned it up then I gave it a light coat of white chalk paint just to freshen it up. Then I looked through my scrap boards. I had a few pieces that were 6.5’, so I decided to cut all seven pieces that size. I sanded all the rough edges before I moved on to the next step.

I had four eye screws and a chain, but I didn’t like the colors and they didn’t match, so I took them to my painting table and sprayed them with hammered bronze paint. I left them there to dry and started the next phase of my project.

With my boards all cut, I was ready to glue them into a staggered horizontal line. I used wood glue to adhere them together, side by side. Then I took a paint stir stick and stapled it to the back all the way across the boards so they would be one piece.

I used antique wax to stain this piece and let it dry. I like this wax because it dries quickly and it’s such a nice color.

After my pieces were all dry it was time to apply my lettering. I used my Cricut to cut the word “BELIEVE”. I used the reverse stencil method, so I weeded and applied my letters just like normal. I placed one letter in the center of each block. I used a dry brush to apply white paint to each block, making sure the area around the letter itself was well-covered. The dry brush technique just means I’m dabbing most of the paint off my brush before I begin to paint.

I let the paint dry and retrieved my screws and chain from outside.  I used my tin snips to cut my chain links to the length I wanted them to be. Before I attached the baluster and the letter board together, I turned the baluster over and attached two sawtooth hangers to the back. Then  I measured where I wanted my eye screws to go and drilled pilot holes. I screwed them in and attached my chain to both pieces by opening the eyes with my needle-nose pliers. I closed the eye holes by squeezing them with my pliers.  

Now my two separate pieces are connected and ready to be hung. This is just how I saw the project on Pinterest. I could have left it like that and called it finished. But I had one more thing I wanted to add.

I had an old Christmas wreath in my garage I’ve been dying to deconstruct and use. It had the prettiest branches and red berries. It also had several pinecones that I knew I could use to embellish projects like this

I pulled off the elements that I wanted to use then I took white chalk paint and dry brushed them to make them look snowy. I created a swag by attaching the two pine branches in the center with a zip tie. Then I used hot glue to attach the pinecones and the berries to the branches. I attached the swag to my baluster with hot glue. My project came together really fast, and I love the way I turned out.

If you’re a reseller, I have some tips for you. Every time I make a new project like this one, I send a quick picture along with a text to my repeat customers. I tell them how many I have available and offer them the first choice. They always buy and I sold three of these before I even posted this article. Good luck and happy crafting!

Please follow me here to see my latest creations!

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Make a Festive Wall Hanging with Wood and a Baluster

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