Three Valentine’s Day Crafts You Can Make Today

Three Valentine’s Day Crafts You Can Make Today main article image
Posted on January 15, 2022 by Jennifer Carroll

If you decorate for every holiday and season – I admire you. I really wanted to be that girl. When we bought our house, I imagined myself doing that very thing. The reality is that I just don’t have the time. I’m a creator and I love what I do but sometimes it’s a struggle to stay in my lane and create the things that I know will sell. I have an inventory to maintain, artwork to produce and this dreaded thing called marketing to do.

To keep things simple at my house and for décor purposes, I have a boxwood wreath over the kitchen table that can be changed out easily, and for now, I’ll limit my seasonal décor after the main holidays to that and a few items I can put on the kitchen counter. So here are three things I made for my own home to acknowledge the day that we all hope our significant other will remember.

Wood Wreath Hanger

The first project is a heart you can embellish for your own wreath, or you could use it as a door hanger. Mine is just the right size to attach to my wreath.

I used a wood heart that I picked up at The Dollar Tree. I’m sure any craft store near you has a similar product or if you’re handy with a jigsaw and have some scrap wood, you could cut it out yourself. Just make a template in your word processing program, print it out, and trace it out on your board.

You can paint your heart or stain it. This is all personal preference. I used scrapbook paper to decoupage the front. Hobby Lobby has a great selection of scrapbook paper. I pick it up when it’s half off. So, I always seem to have some in my stash.

I used Mod Podge to adhere the paper to my heart. I just applied a light coat then laid the paper down and worked out the air bubbles with my fingers. I let it dry completely then I sanded the edges away from the heart to remove the excess paper. If you’re not using this method to clean up the edges of your decoupaged items – try it once and you’ll always do it this way.

I applied a top coat of mod podge and waited for it to dry. I don’t love the color of the paper that I’m using. It’s the texture that I wanted, so I used antique wax to stain it after the mod podge had dried.

I added a burlap trim piece that I bought at The Dollar Tree, made a bow, and a flower, then my project was complete. I used a little floral wire to attach it to my wreath.

Wood Block Word

I have tons of scrap wood to use up in my workshop, so I decided to make this word block sign. I used 1”x4” and 1”x2” scraps from my pile and I cut three sizes, one for each letter. I used my jigsaw to cut the heart from a scrap piece of hardboard that I had on hand. I sanded the wood before I moved on to the next step. If you’re using power tools in your workshop, wear your safety gear. While I was at it I cut two more hearts for the next project.

 I attached the three-letter blocks to my piece of 1”x2” so that they had a platform to stand on then I gave everything a messy coat of white chalk paint. After it was dry, I used my brad nail gun to attach the heart that I had cut out to the first and second block to substitute for the letter “O”. I touched the heart up with antique wax then I applied vinyl letters to finish the word “LOVE.” I didn’t want my vinyl letters to be shiny, so I took sandpaper and scuffed it up just a little.

Wood Crate Flower Box

For my third project, I used a crate from The Dollar Tree. I always have these in my stash. I use them for organization and various crafts. I also have the two hearts I cut out from the hardboard, wire, and beads of various sizes.

I stained the crate with antique wax, and I gave the hearts a couple of coats of matte white spray paint. To distress the hearts, I used a scraper tool when the paint was still sticky. Then I used hot glue and wood glue to attach the hearts to the sides of my crate. To make a handle for my crate I used a piece of wire that I buy on a roll from Home Depot. I drilled a small hole in each heart at the same place then fed the wire through one side, twisted it with needle-nose pliers, and strung the beads in the pattern that I wanted them to be. I placed the wire in the second hole and closed it the same way.

This little box is a great option if you have a little one that needs to take a Valentine’s box to school. They’re inexpensive and you can customize them in any way you choose. I remember those days and I’m glad I don’t have to make three boxes on the night of February 13th in a frenzy.

So there. This is the first year I’ve ever created décor for Valentine’s Day. I love it because none of it screams Valentine’s Day, and I can leave it out for Spring as well. Just a subtle acknowledgment of the day.

If you have the hankering like I did to decorate for the holidays and seasons, pick a more neutral theme or a color that represents the holiday. I don’t do a lot of red and pink in my farmhouse décor, but I do hearts. And love is a theme I want to convey in my home every day!

Until next time – Happy Crafting!

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Three Valentine’s Day Crafts You Can Make Today

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