Wood Crafting: Silhouette Deer Ornament

Wood Crafting: Silhouette Deer Ornament main article image
Posted on August 15, 2019 by Linnea Holgersson

Can’t wait to get started on your Christmas crafting? Why not start by creating these beautiful easy-to-make silhouette deer ornaments!

This project is perfect if you have scrap supplies from other crafting projects laying around. Crafter LeeAnn will show us how she re-used some old crafting supplies to create beautiful wooden ornaments without spending too much money!

Silhouette Deer Ornaments

Supplies needed:

  • Die-cutting machine
  • Vinyl – For this project, I used Contact Paper (shelf lining)
  • Piece of wood (I used plywood, but this project can also be done on cardboard)
  • Skill Saw (or similar smaller saw)
  • Drill tool and drill bit
  • Paint (Fabric paint or Dilute acrylic)
  • Polyurethane

Start with cutting out several Christmas Deer designs onto vinyl. For this project I used my Cricut.

After some teeny tiny weeding, place the vinyl onto a scrap piece of flooring plywood. This special plywood does cost more, but is well worth the extra expense. It comes sanded to a super smooth finish. If wood and power tools scare you, this project can also be done on cardboard.

Use the Skill Saw, or similar smaller saw, to cut around each ornament.

After this, use a drill tool (I use Dremel) and a drill bit to create a tiny hole where the hanger will be placed.

After some light sanding to remove any roughness from the sides, cover the sides with a flat black paint. Once the paint has dried, seal the ornament using 2 coats of Polyurethane. Paint the Polyurethane on the front, back and sides of the ornament.

Finish off with a piece of twine for the hanger – super cute!

For vinyl, I use Contact Paper (shelf lining) I get from my local dollar store. All of my additional supplies are scraps left over from other crafts. So this entire project cost me only $1.

Happy Crafting!


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