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How to use Cricut Design Space

Learn all the basics of Cricut Design Space.

If you are a beginner to Cricut Design Space, you have a lot of fun exploring in front of you! To help you get started, we will walk you through the program and navigate you through the basic features in this tutorial.

Open a new project

To get started in Cricut Design Space, you first need to create a new project. Enter in your browser URL and create an account to get started. 

In this overview, you can start a new project or preview and open your saved projects.

Click ‘New Project’ to open the canvas.

You can also start a new project by clicking the green button in the upper right corner.

This is what the canvas looks like, all empty and ready to start playing with!

In the menu to the left, you can find the tools which allows you to insert different elements to your canvas. The options are:

  • New: If you are working on a project and want to start a new project, you can click New and a new empty canvas will open
  • Templates:  A library of premade elements to help you visualize your final project.
  • Projects: In this tab you can find all the ‘Make it now’ projects. In this overview you can select premade projects made by Cricut.
  • Images: Opens the image library.
  • Text: Creates a new text box. 
  • Shapes: A library of basic shapes you can use for free.
  • Upload: Here you can upload your own images. You can read more in our tutorial here how you can upload your own images.

Create and edit text

Let’s go more in dept on how you can create and edit text.

Click the Text button to create a new text box. A menu will appear on the top, and this is where you can change and edit the font.

If you click the arrow next to the column Font in the menu on the top, a drop down menu will appear. These are all the fonts installed on your computer. If you’d like to read how to install and use your own fonts in Cricut Design Space, check out our tutorial here!

Apart from changing the font in the font menu, you also have the option to edit the style of the font, adjust the size and the line and letter spacing. 

There are multiple font edit features in the menu which allows you to be more creative with your fonts.

If you’d like to delete the text box, you can do so easily by clicking the X.

Edit options for shape and images

If you open an image or a shape on your canvas, the edit options will look a bit different.

In the example we have opened a shape on our canvas.

If you import your own image, another menu will open on the right side of the screen. Here you can edit the layers of the image, ungroup, duplicate layers or delete layers, slice, weld, attach, contour, and flattened designs. 

There is also an option to easily color sync different layers. You can read how you can edit and color sync layers in Cricut Design Space here.

If you would like to undo or redo a step while creating, you can simply click Undo or Redo from the top menu.

Save or make a project

When you are done for working on your project, you can easily save it by clicking Save in the top right corner of the screen.

If you are completely done with a project, and want to send it to you Cricut machine, click Make it.

If you press Make it, the project will be prepared on the cutting mat. In this overview, you can decide which Material Size you would like the design to be cut in, and you can also mirror the design. When you are ready to cut it, press Continue and Design Space will sync with your cutting machine and start cutting.

Have fun while exploring Cricut Design Space and if you want more in-dept tips on how you can use the software, make sure to check out our other tutorials here.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at [email protected]

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