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How to use the align tool in Cricut Design Space

Learn how to master the Align tool.

Editing your fonts or images in Cricut Design Space can be crucial when it comes to creating a great design. The editing features in Design Space make it very easy for you to manage your designs, and save time while you do so.

In this tutorial we will highlight the Align tool and how to use it to align text and objects.

Align tool

The Align tool allows you to align multiple objects and text on a straight line on your canvas. This is a very useful time savior if you have been editing the spacing of the characters or moving images around your canvas. The align tool can be found in the toolbar at the top of the Design Space canvas.

There are multiple options how you can align:

  • Align Left
  • Align Horizontally
  • Align Right
  • Align Top
  • Align Vertically
  • Align Bottom
  • Center

Align text

You can of course always make use of the bottom lines listed on the left hand side of the canvas. This can require a lot of manual work if you have a lot of text. Using the Align tool instead can save you quite some time.

To use the Align tool, simply add a text box and add your desired text. Choose the font of your preference, and ungroup the characters to adjust the character spacing.

Once you are done it can look something like this. The characters are not perfectly in line, but just slightly off.

With this type of design, you want to align the font at the bottom. The reason is because all the characters at the bottom can be based in one line. If you want to read more about the exceptions for when a word does not work with the align tool, scroll down to the bottom of this article.

To align the text, mark the whole word, click Align and Align Bottom.

You will see that the characters will take a little jump down and align on the bottom line.

You can now cut the text, and know for sure that the text will be straight.

Only use characters within the baseline

Not all characters will work perfectly with the Align tool. Characters that are below or above the baseline on your canvas will be more tricky to get in a straight line.

For example, aligning the above example at the top, the top of the t will count as the highest point, and your text will end up looking like this.

The same will happen if you are using a word with characters that go under the baseline.

Align images

Arranging images and objects on a straight line is just as easy if you use the Align tool. 

Simply mark all the object that you wish to align, click Align in the toolbar on the top and choose one of the options how you would like to align the object.

In this example, the stars are aligned at the bottom. As you can see, the bottom line is aligned, but the stars are overlapping each other slightly and some still have a big gap.

To fix this, depending on which type of design you are looking for, you can use the Align tool to Distribute the objects. This option will distribute the objects over the marked surface, creating an equal space between the different objects.

This is what the design can look like when you choose Distribute Horizontally.

These are just a few examples of how you can use the Align tool. We hope that you have found this article useful. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].

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