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The best fonts to use with the Cricut Pens

Select the best font for your Cricut Pen project with the help of this guide.

A Cricut is more than just a great cutting machine, it also offers writing pens, a great tool for creating personal and stunning handwritten designs. This tutorial will walk you through the steps of how different fonts will look with the Cricut Pens.

Note that for this tutorial, you need to have a Cricut machine that can use the pens, and you need to have Cricut Pens of your choice.

How the pens work with Cricut

The pens will write the outline of any type of shape that you have created in Cricut Design Space. This means if you, for example, have created a heart shape, your Cricut Pens will draw the outline of a heart. If you draw a single line, your cricut will draw that. This goes for fonts as well.

Outline and Writing fonts

When selecting a font that you’d like to write with, it is good to first understand the different types of fonts, and how they will write with the Cricut Pens.

Outline fonts are fonts designed to be cut out as shapes. These fonts are usually thicker and can look like the example below. When using these fonts with the Pens, you will get a text that is drawn as an outline.

Writing fonts are fonts designed only to be written. When using these fonts with the Cricut Pen, you will get a text drawn in a single line.

Creating the writing and outlined font in Design Space

It is up to you to choose if you want to go with a writing font or an outlined font. You can even create a combined design!

To create these fonts in Design Space, follow these steps:

  • Create a Text Box and write your text.
  • Locate the font in the list. 

If you want to use an outlined font, select a font style, choose Linetype > Draw.

If you want to use a writing style font, you can filter your font list on Writing. All the fonts available in your list will be written with one line.

If you choose to combine both an outline and a writing font, it can look like in the image below.

Editing the font settings

Before you create the project with your machine, you can edit the font. Each font can be adjusted with bold, italic, bold italic, and regular style. This can be done in the panel on the top.

The next step would be to edit the line spacing, or kerning of the font. Check out this tutorial if you’d like to know how you can edit the kerning.

Attach the fonts 

Before your Cricut can do its magic, you first need to attach the fonts to the paper layer in Design Space. Fonts, or other drawings, won’t attach to multiple layers automatically. 

If you proceed with making the project without attaching, your design will end up looking like this:

In order for your machine to know exactly how to write or draw the designer you created, you need to use the Attach feature.

To do this, first finish your design, mark the whole sentence/word and click Attach.

Click Make it, and you will now see that the design is placed correctly on the mat.

Get creative with Cricut Pens

When you are ready, you can choose the Cricut Pens you’d like to use and let your machine do its magic! Fun tip: play around with different colored pens and nips to give your design a unique look. 

We hope that you’ve found this tutorial helpful. Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Happy crafting!

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