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Etsy Shop Announcement: what to write + examples

Here are do's & don'ts, as well as lots of examples.

Etsy Shop Announcement: Tips and Example

Running a store, online or otherwise, you need to engage with your customers directly.

Apart from selling goods, communication is key to a successful store. This is especially true for Etsy, where discerning customers flock to buy products that resonate with them on a more personal level. Etsy provides many ways for sellers to directly communicate with their audience. The Etsy shop announcement section is one such feature dedicated to this purpose.

In this quick guide, you’ll learn how to make an Etsy shop announcement that resonates with your buyers. We’ll provide you with useful tips and show you effective Etsy shop announcement examples from fellow sellers.


What is the Shop Announcement on Etsy?


The Etsy shop announcement is a dedicated section for seller’s public messages or statements placed on all Etsy storefronts. It shows up below your store banner and above your listing summary when your store is viewed from the website and on the About tab on the Etsy mobile app.

While not as prominent as your store name or store description, it is easily noticeable as it has the label “announcement” (on the website) or “shop announcement” (on the app).

When you enable the Vacation mode on Etsy, this section is automatically updated with a generic vacation announcement: “StoreName is taking a short break”. Otherwise, it remains blank until you edit the section to add any message you wish.


How to edit the shop announcements on Etsy


Whether you’re giving information about your shop break or using the section for other purposes, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to add a shop announcement on Etsy:

  1. On, go to your Shop Manager on your account page.
  2. Under Sales Channels, click on the pencil icon next to your shop name.
  3. Scroll down to the Announcement section which you’ll find below your listings
  4. Choose Add a shop announcement or Edit.
  5. Type in your announcement. Click Save.
  6. You can edit your existing shop announcement directly on your front page. 


What to write in an Etsy shop announcement: 10 tips and tricks


While you can use your Etsy shop announcement section in literally any way you wish, it would be better if you can use the space to optimize your shop and give your buyers a better experience.

Below you’ll find Etsy shop announcements do’s and don’ts to help you maximize this precious space.


5 Etsy shop announcement best practices


1. Keep it short and sweet

Keep the reading to a minimum so people can immediately do what they’ve come to your store for – to buy something! Keep your announcement to less than 200 characters.

If you can’t avoid adding more information, make sure that the most important facts are at the very beginning of your statement.


2. Make it relevant

Don’t add information in there that does not contribute to your buyer’s experience in your shop.

Such information includes facts that they can already see on your short shop description below your shop name. 


3. Update your announcements

One of the most common mistakes Etsy sellers often make is leaving outdated announcements on their page, such as promos that are no longer available or information that’s no longer true.

Always keep your shop announcement section updated, especially time-sensitive messages.


4. Maximize for SEO purposes

A fantastic way to use the shop announcement section is to use it for SEO purposes. Introduce your store in a friendly way and insert your keywords naturally. This can be a shorter and more compact version of your About page.

To keep it conversational, address the customer directly by letting them know what your store can do for them.


5. Display call-to-actions

Buyers become patrons when you engage with them. Use your shop announcement to provide call-to-actions for engagement purposes – whether it’s to encourage your buyers to sign up for an email list or to subscribe to your YouTube page where you can demonstrate your expertise and provide extra value. 


5 Etsy shop announcement bad practices


1. Don’t make your buyers click “read more”

The more time your shop visitors spend away and distracted from your listings, the less chance they’ll turn into buyers. Create an easy-to-scan shop announcement so they can immediately move on to shopping.


2. Don’t keyword-stuff

While we recommend using the shop announcement section for SEO, we caution you against keyword-stuffing. Aside from being visually off-putting, search engines are now smart enough to detect unnatural keyword placements and can flag your page for it.


3. Don’t use this section for important information on specific products

If you have detailed information about specific products, better put them in the product descriptions themselves. While it may be good to put them in this section, your buyers may forget the information as soon as they scan other items.


4. Don’t lead your customer away from your store

While it’s not exactly a no-no to insert your other shop links in your announcement section, it’s not recommended as it may take away from your Etsy shop traffic.


5. Don’t constantly change your shop announcement

Changing your shop announcements every other day can confuse your customers and may affect your site traffic. A good practice would be to update them only when necessary and have an SEO-friendly welcome statement for most of the year.


Etsy Shop Announcement Ideas and Examples


Now that you have an idea of how to use the Etsy shop announcement section to your advantage, get inspiration from these examples of actual sellers’ announcements on Etsy.


A simple and informative update

The seller uses the announcement section to clarify the duration of their short break and a quick update on their shipping. Adding a thank you message is a nice personal touch.


shop announcement example 1


A short and sweet new offering announcement

The announcement cuts to the chase with a simple phrase. If you’re a follower of the shop, you’ll surely be excited to browse and buy.

shop announcement example 2


In a few words, the shop announces its promo with a call-to-action and conveniently includes a code.

shop announcement example 3


A keyword-optimized branded intro with a clear USP

This shop incorporates its keywords in a natural way at the very beginning of their announcement. Including attractive and descriptive adjectives adds more appeal to the brand.


shop announcement example 4


A call to action that promotes engagement and adds extra value for your buyers

The shop smartly uses the announcement section to promote engagement with followers using a resource (YouTube page) that adds value specific to their niche. 


shop announcement example 5


A keyword-optimized welcome message with a friendly and conversational tone


shop announcement example 6


This is another great example of an SEO-friendly Etsy shop announcement that’s a little more conversational. Apart from its subtle keyword placements, what makes it even more attractive is that it addresses the buyer in a friendly way. 


Run your store like a master with these 5 Etsy tools


Running an Etsy store may cost less than operating a physical store, but it comes with its own set of unique challenges. If you’re still an Etsy newbie, no need to worry – we have a range of tools that you can use to help you turn a profit with your passion.


1. Come up with a memorable and keyword-optimized shop name

Your success starts with a good shop name. If you need help brainstorming, use our Etsy shop name generator which gives you 20 name ideas at a time based on a few text prompts.


2. Introduce yourself with a friendly and professional Etsy profile bio

Buyers flock to Etsy for the personal shopping experience. Endear yourself to your potential customers with a great bio that tells the story of your brand. Draft one within seconds using our Etsy bio generator.


3. Make your product listing title click-worthy

Having a great product is one thing, but first you have to make sure your buyers can find it. Write a product listing title that’s short, SEO-friendly, and evocative enough to get browsers to click. Got several listings? Use our Etsy listing title generator so you can churn out great titles in a flash.


4. Write a concise, complete, and compelling product description

Your product description is the most crucial step in converting your shop browsers into buyers. Writing a good one takes time, so if you offer a lot of products, get some assistance from our Etsy product description generator so you can generate compelling product descriptions in seconds.


5. Come up with a good pricing strategy

Pricing your products can be quite tricky especially if it’s your first time to do so. Fear not with our Etsy fee and profit calculator, which will help you calculate your operational costs so you can maximize your earnings and turn a profit.



Frequently asked questions


Need more information on how to use your Etsy shop announcements? Find our answers to your most commonly asked questions about this Etsy feature.


How can I use my Etsy shop announcement to gain exposure?

You can use your Etsy shop announcement to gain exposure by making it SEO-friendly. This means putting your primary keyword at the beginning of your statement, and including other relevant words pertaining to your category or niche.


Do shop announcements help with the SEO for my Etsy shop?

Yes, shop announcements help with your Etsy’s shop’s SEO, as long as you include your primary keyword in there. However, over-stuffing your page with keywords may result in search engine flagging, so be selective about your keywords and incorporate them in a natural way.


How can I measure the success of my Etsy shop announcement?

There’s no direct way to measure the success of your Etsy shop announcement. If you used your Etsy shop announcement to announce a promo, perhaps you can track your announcement’s success by the number of buyers who use your code or buy your discounted goods. You can also measure the success of your announcement by tracking the site visit traffic on the day you released your announcement.


Can I change my Etsy shop announcement after I’ve set it up?

Yes, you can change your Etsy shop announcement after you’ve set it up directly on your front page or under Sales Channel > Announcement and clicking the Edit link.


How can I use my Etsy shop announcement to increase sales and grow my business?

You can use your Etsy shop announcement to increase sales by using it only for relevant announcements and by making it SEO-friendly. The section is specifically created to give you a space to announce new products or limited-time offers to drum up business. If you have none of these at the moment, crafting a short welcome statement with relevant keywords and selling points helps you maximize the space for SEO purposes.


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Maximize your Etsy Shop Announcements 


Knowing how to use every feature on Etsy to your advantage is one great key to your success in the massively popular online marketplace.

Learn how to craft effective Etsy shop announcements so you can use this feature to rank on search engines and engage with your customers.


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