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How to Write Etsy Products Description that sell: examples and tools

Check these 5 steps to write the perfect Etsy product description.

how to write product descriptions on etsy

Etsy descriptions serve as your ‘elevator pitches’ to your potential customers. Adapting this familiar concept from marketing, it means your Etsy product descriptions should tell your audience what your product is and why they need to buy it now in the quickest way possible – as fast as a short elevator ride.

On top of simply writing good ‘elevator pitches,’ sellers nowadays have an added challenge: you need to write for search engines as well. People primarily use search engines to look up products, so for potential buyers to find you, you have to rank high on searches. This is why optimizing your Etsy shop for both humans and search engines is a must

Keep reading below as we walk you through how to write good Etsy descriptions to help you stand out and get higher exposure and potential sales!


5 steps to write Etsy product descriptions 


Although it may be intimidating at first, creating product descriptions can come easy as long as you follow the steps below.

Here’s how to write a good Etsy description:


1. Start with keywords

Consider what your potential customers will write on search engines when looking for your products (e.g. Jewelry – crystal, beaded, vintage, handmade, etc).

2. Use bullet points and subheadings 

No one wants to read a novel when online shopping! Keep your descriptions simple and concise so people can scan your listing quickly.

3. Be as detailed as possible

Include important details such as the dimensions, size, color, etc.

4. Use adjectives 

Include sensory or compelling words like ‘radiant’, ‘colorful’, ‘ambient’, etc. that evoke certain emotions to persuade customers to‘’Add to cart’.

5. Optimize for SEO 

Use tags and keywords in your product title, descriptions, and categories to help search engines rank your Etsy listings and shop.


What to include in your Etsy product description


Etsy descriptions can be tricky to write you’re not only writing to convert casual Etsy browsers into buyers; you also want your descriptions to rank high on search engines. To keep your content both buyer-friendly and SEO-friendly, here are a few reminders on what to include in your Etsy product descriptions:


A clear product title/headline

In 70 to 140 characters, make sure your product title/name encapsulates the product. Add your primary keyword in the title, but don’t over-stuff your title by repeating words as this can be off-putting for some customers.


A fun and memorable opening line

Introduce your product and its main selling point from the very start. Phrase your line in such a way that makes it relatable to your buyer. A good example would be to highlight a use case. Having your product keyword up front in the first few characters of your description is also very helpful for your SEO.


Consistent and concise list of details

This is crucial if you have several offerings under one category. For example, if you offer dresses, you need to make sure that you provide the same bullet points of details for each dress on your listing. Having a template for each product type you offer is helpful in this case. Note customer’s frequently asked questions on features so you know which details are important to include.


Stand-out features

Is your product handmade by an artisan? Do you use special materials to produce your item? Whatever your most stand-out or unique feature is, be sure to devote a line to it to bring it to your potential buyer’s notice.


Personal human touch

Etsy buyers go to the website not just to hunt for one-of-a-kind items but to recreate the personal shopping experience we all love about small businesses. You can add a personal human touch to your shop by writing conversational product descriptions and addressing customers directly using ‘you’ and ‘your/s’.


Truthful and accurate information

Make sure to represent each product in a factual way. Never include made-up selling points that your products don’t have just to sell. No one likes to be misled, especially when purchasing items online.


Get inspiration from these good Etsy product descriptions 


To give you a better idea of what you can do when coming up with your product descriptions, here are some of the best Etsy shop description examples you can find on Etsy.

1. Men’s Japanese Streetwear Kanji Crew Long Socks Size USA Mens Size 7-12 – Here, the seller includes keywords not only in their description but also in the title. They also make sure to include their product’s unique selling points, highlighting its features like moisture-wicking, ribbed cuffs, and breathable honeycomb mesh arch.

Good description example from Etsy

2. Ceramic mug, Daisy coffee mug, tea cup – This example shows that you can list down multiple keywords in the title. Another good tip is to sign-off your listing with a sweet ‘thank you’ message to humanize your Etsy shop.

Good product description example from Etsy

3. Calligraphy Thank You Stamp – Darcy Large – Handwritten for cardmaking and scrapbooking – This Etsy product description example is good because it is detailed, contains keywords, and gives customers suggestions on how they can use the product.

Etsy Product Description Example


Generate the perfect product description for your listings on Etsy


CF Spark - Etsy Product Description generator exampleAs you grow your product line or offer more products, you may have a hard time keeping up with your product descriptions especially if you run your business on your own.

Writing a compelling product description that gets customers to buy takes a lot of time and effort.

To save time drafting product descriptions for all your offerings, get some assistance from Creative Fabrica’s new Etsy product description generator, a free AI text generator tool that writes your Etsy product descriptions in seconds!

Just fill in a simple questionnaire with your product keywords and click Create Content to produce a draft.

Here’s how you can use the tool:

  1. Go to the tool
  2. Fill in the fields required, such as product, color, material, keywords, and unique features, which can help our AI generate the best possible description for your Etsy listing. As for your intended product audience and how it can be used, you can fill in these fields yourself or use AI to identify them.
  3. Choose the language you’d like to use. Use English to target a worldwide audience or your mother tongue to target a local following.
  4. Click ‘Create content. Our AI will then generate 5 versions of Etsy product descriptions that you can choose from.


Frequently asked questions about Etsy product descriptions


If you have more questions about writing Etsy descriptions, we’ve answered some of them below.


1. What should I write in my Etsy shop description?

Generally, these are the things that you should write in your Etsy shop description:

  • Your product’s unique selling points in short sentences with subheadings
  • Accurate details: dimensions, size, the material used, color, etc. in bullet points
  • Relatable use cases: where and how your buyer can use your products, written with emotional or convincing words and phrases to convince your customers to buy
  • Highlight stand-out features
  • Rave customer testimonials and product reviews

As much as possible, keep your product descriptions concise. Try and test different template variations of your product listings to find out which templates have the best conversion rate. 


2. How long should an Etsy description be?

Etsy displays the first 160 characters of a product description on the listings page, so you’ll want to make your pitch in those first few characters.

For SEO purposes, make sure your primary keywords are in the first 40 characters so search engines can easily spot them. 

Your Etsy description can be longer than 160 characters, but remember not to be too verbose. To include more keywords for SEO, utilize your tags. Etsy allows sellers to use up to 13 tags in the description to optimize it for Google searches. But don’t just use any tags – ensure that they’re relevant to your niche. 


3. What should an Etsy title look like?

Etsy titles should be succinct so that customers can easily have a good idea of what the products are at a glance. Make your title snappy and catchy and include keywords that your target audience may use to find your product on search engines.


4. Can you put hashtags in Etsy descriptions?

You can definitely put hashtags in Etsy descriptions to help your listings get exposure. Etsy allows you to have up to 13 tags in each listing so make sure that you use unique and relevant keywords to maximize this feature.


5. What should I put in my Etsy headline?

Your Etsy headline should include the following:

  • The name of your product
  • Basic description/primary keyword
  • Most unique feature or selling point: handmade, ethically sourced, vintage, repurposed
  • If it’s a seasonal or themed product, include the season, holiday, or occasion

Etsy headlines have a limit of 140 characters. 


6. How do I write SEO descriptions on Etsy?

Writing SEO descriptions for Etsy is quite easy if you follow these tips:

  • Include your primary keyword in the first 40 characters of your product description.
  • Provide 13 tags for each listing. Use relevant and unique keywords and multi-word phrases. Localize your tags and use synonyms to avoid repetitions.
  • Check out your competitors’ strategy and use it as inspiration.
  • Refresh your listings every quarter or year, taking into consideration the conversion success rate of each listing.
  • Include links, if possible


7. Are Etsy descriptions searchable?

Etsy descriptions are now searchable by search engines. Search engines scan short and long-tailed keywords in your headline, product title, and listing descriptions to help users find exactly what they need.

One way you can take advantage of this is to optimize your Etsy listings, use unique tags, and categorize your products appropriately.


8. Do my product descriptions need SEO to rank on Etsy search?

Yes, your Etsy descriptions need search engine optimization to rank on Etsy search.

The website scans descriptions for relevant keywords and phrases when ranking listings the way other search engines like Google and Yahoo do.

To rank high on Etsy search, make sure to include your primary keyword in your listing title and description, utilize all 13 allowable tags with unique words and phrases, and categorize your product correctly.


Need more inspiration for you Etsy Store?


For Etsy sellers that are just starting out, here are other free articles that you can consult to jumpstart your Etsy journey:

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Convert browsers into buyers with a good product description


Coming up with good Etsy descriptions can be tricky but you’ll get the hang of it as long as you follow the proper formatting and recommended best practices. 

Utilize tools that give you the extra edge you need, like our Etsy Store Bio generator, Listing Description generator, and Listing Title generator and you’ll surely get your shop up and running in no time!

Take advantage of our AI tools if you’re looking for other tools to diversify your product line. 

Try experimental ideas with CF Spark Art, an image generator tool that converts your words to one-of-a-kind imagery. 

If you’re in the business of selling printables, CF Spark Patterns can generate seamless repeatable images for your backgrounds. To create unique stickers or clip art, use CF Spark Crystalline to produce fun transparent PNGs with clear cut lines in an instant.

Learn how to incorporate smart tools into your workflow so you can increase your chances of success online. 

Keep checking our Ultimate Guide on Etsy for your regular dose of useful tips and easy-to-follow guides on all things Etsy.

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