This page is part of The Ultimate Font Guide, an introductory font manual that explains the basics of fonts and how to install fonts, use them in different applications and more.

Hand Drawn fonts

Handwritten fonts are the most charming fonts out there. They are not always very functional or very readable but they are handmade and have small imperfections but beautiful lines and swashes. They are perfect for adding a personal touch to your projects.


Script Fonts

Script fonts are very popular for creating invites. Script fonts are fonts that come in many styles and have fluid stokes and are based on handwriting.


Display Fonts

Display fonts are meant as headlines and are created to draw the readers attention.


Serif Fonts

Serif fonts are fonts that are simple but at the end of the character have a small mark or stroke. This is originally done to make them easily readable, especially when printing them. Nowadays a lot of the designers add the strokes and marks for decoration purposes.


Sans Serif Fonts

Sans Serif fonts are fonts that are composed of just simple straight lines. Unlike Serif fonts they don’t have a small mark or stroke at the end.