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How to Create Embroidery Files with Adobe Illustrator

Learn how to turn your vectorial drawings into stitches.

How to Create Embroidery Files with Adobe Illustrator


Did you know that you can create embroidery files with Adobe Illustrator? The most popular vectorial illustration tool is the perfect place to start your creative journey.

In today’s post, we are going to explain two ways to turn your Illustrator designs into embroidery files. One of them includes another program, the second one is a certified extension for Illustrator.

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On this article:

Convert EPS Files with Digitizer Pro Software.
Install Embroidery i2, an official Adobe Illustrator extension.




Convert EPS files with Digitizer Pro Software


For this procedure, you need to save your Illustrator designs as an EPS file. EPS is a native format from Adobe Illustrator. It allows you to maintain the vectorial characteristics of your design. If you’d like to learn how to save files in native Illustrator formats, check this article. 


Embroidery on illustrator


The next step is to download the Digitizer Pro Software. In your desktop, it will appear as Easy Design. You can find the official website here. 

Step-by-step: How to Create Embroidery Files


  1. To open your EPS file, select “Image” and choose “Insert Image.” This way, the program will read the document that we’ve saved before.
  2. Place your design inside the hoop that you can see displayed on your canvas. The red square shows the area where the machine can embroider.
  3. In the upper menu, open the “Embroidery” tab.  Choose “Click to design” > “Advanced.”
  4. A small window with settings will appear. Here you can edit two categories, “Fills” and “Detail.” Set your preferences by clicking the right boxes. Then, click on “Image Preparation.”
  5. On the Image Preparation window, you’ll be able to set the number of colors that you’d like to have on your design. Remember that, if you would like to add white details, you must count white as a color as well.
    There are three options: omit colors, fill options, and detail colors. Place every color of your palette under the right category. In this view, you will also have the opportunity to add borders and outlines.
  6. Once you’ve finished editing, it’s time to save your design. Go to File>Save. In the file type field, choose the embroidery format that you’d like to have.

Now, your design is ready to be used for embroidery purposes!


Install Embroidery i2, an official Adobe Illustrator extension


This plugin allows you to assign stitch effects and adjust embroidery parameters in vectorial files. You can either create the designs in the software or just open them. This extension will help you turn any vectorial design into an embroidery file.

You can use this plugin both on Windows and Mac. There is also a version for Corel Draw, in case you prefer that editing software.

embroidery extension for illustrator
You can find this extension here.


For those who are already familiar with Adobe Illustrator, the learning curve will be short. You just have to get used to the new embroidery features that Embroidery i2 adds to your excellent old interface.

This extension allows you to edit parameters such as pull compensation, density, or stitch length. You can also add underlay to stabilize surfaces before you sew on them.

By installing this plugin, you’ll get access to 125 digitized embroidery fonts. You’ll also be able to convert hundreds of TTF files into any stitch type. Embroidery i2 is, for sure, one of the best tools for embroidered lettering lovers.

The developers have added some of the most popular thread color charts for machine embroidery. This way, you can specify and visualize the colors of your choice. Your patterns will be a real teaser for your designs. You can export your models as PNG files with a 3D rendering. This way, you can have a great preview to check how well your designs look.

You can find this certified extension here. If you’d like to check the official manual, follow this link.

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