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Position your products on a POD marketplace

Learn the best tips to position your products.

how to position your products on a Print on Demand marketplace


If you want to learn how to position your products on a Print on Demand marketplace, keep reading! Today’s post is full of good advice for Print on Demand sellers.

Every Print on Demand marketplace has its own rules and guidelines regarding posting and positioning. Here you will find three popular examples whose rules you can take as a reference during your POD journey. We hope you find them useful!

If you want to learn more about Print on Demand, check our Ultimate Print on Demand Guide. Don’t forget to look at our growing POD library, where you’ll find premium designs for your store.


On this article:

How to position my Print on Demand products on Redbubble?
How to position my Print on Demand products on Spreadshirt?
How to position my Print on Demand products on Merch by Amazon?


how to position your products on a Print on Demand marketplace


How to position my Print on Demand products on Redbubble?


There are some things you must bear in mind when you upload products to Redbubble. If you follow the rules correctly, it will be easy to position your products.


How to add titles to my products on Redbubble?


First of all, you have to start by picking the right title for every product that you list. Try to make your titles as descriptive as possible. This way, every time a potential customer does a search that fits your description, they will find your product.

Please, be honest with your titles: if what you describe does not meet the expectations of the audience, it will affect your reputation as a seller. Also, be respectful: don’t include inadequate or obscene terms on the titles of your products. You must always respect the content policies of the site.


How to add tags to my products on Redbubble?


Redbubble allows you to add tags to your products. This metadata will help the search engine identify your assets. You should always include at least 15 tags for every product.

To choose the right tags, try to think about the words you would use if you were searching for your product. You can also add your artistic name as a tag.

Try not to use an excessive number of tags. Include a tag if you think that it is valuable for the description. Including a lot of labels does not directly mean getting high visibility.

Remember to use commas to separate the tags of your product. Otherwise, the search engine of the platform won’t be able to find it.


How to reach an international audience on Redbubble?


This platform is available in multiple languages. For this chance, there is a chance to translate your product tags and descriptions. Our advice is to take the opportunity. If your product is available in several languages, customers from different places will be able to find it. This international presence will increase your commercial possibilities.


How to manage my catalog on Redbubble?


If your design is part of a collection, Redbubble allows you to specify this. Collections are groups of similar designs. By clustering your products, you can display them together so that the customers will find all the items. Creating collections is useful in terms of positioning and visibility.

Redbubble allows you to choose if your designs are “private” or “mature.” Private designs are only available to you. If you want potential buyers to find your product, make sure you’ve tagged it as mature -so, it’s public.


how to position your products on a Print on Demand marketplace



How to position your Print on Demand products on Spreadshirt


Spreadshirt is a holistic company that offers both POD fulfillment and marketplace services. Let’s look at some aspects that can help you position your designs on their marketplace. If you act correctly, your catalog will also appear on Google searches.


How to name my products on Spreadshirt?


The right naming must be both descriptive and honest. Descriptive names help you match the right product searches. The better you describe it, the more visible it will be.

Honesty is essential in terms of expectation management. On Print on Demand, there is no serendipity: if your product is not what the customer is searching for, they won’t buy it.


How to add tags to my products on Spreadshirt?


Tags will help your design match your audience’s searches. Spreadshirt recommends searching for relevant keywords that apply to your product and using them as tags within the platform.

Remember that you also aspire to make your products rank on Google. A big part of your success depends on choosing the right keywords and including them as tags.


How to participate in design contents on Spreadshirt


Spreadshirt organizes design contests that can help you boost the visibility of your designs. To take part in a design contest, you must be registered on the platform.

You will have to submit five designs per contest. You’ll have 14 days after the competition starts to do this. Every competition has a specific keyword that you must include as a tag on your design.

These contests aim to provide visibility to new designs and creators. You won’t be able to submit designs that you published before the starting date of the contest. Apart from visibility, you also aspire to win an economic prize.


how to position your products on a Print on Demand marketplace


How to position my Print on Demand Products on Merch by Amazon?


Merch by Amazon has some special guidelines that you must respect in order to get listed. Once again, common sense and honesty are key to success. Let’s look at two particular aspects that you must bear in mind before publishing your products.


What should I include on my product detail page on Merch by Amazon?


On this page, you must add relevant information about your product. You must prioritize useful data that is insightful for your potential customers. Describe your product with honesty and accuracy, just as you would expect others to do.

Please, try to avoid writing stuff that does not relate to your product, or keywords that do not correspond with what you are selling. Adding a lot of keywords won’t make it necessarily easier.

It’s also forbidden to include information about fulfillment and shipment. You can not specify what you will do with the earnings that you generate with your product. For more information about what you can and can not include, check this official resource on Amazon’s site.


How to keep my products listed on Merch by Amazon?


Merch by Amazon has implemented a product removal policy. The platform will remove any product that has been published for 365 days and has not received any order during that time.

If there are no sales during the first 335 days after publishing, your design will be marked as “Pending removal.” According to Amazon’s official guidelines, self orders count as sales as long as the product is not returned. In any case, the platform’s advice is to curate your portfolio and remove those designs that have not generated any sales.

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